All you could wish for.

Highly professional representation. Imagine: Your customers enter your company headquarters and are lost for words. Attractive entrances, plenty of light already in the staircases, combined with clear lines, create a pleasant, welcoming atmosphere in the TechCenter Reinach.

Top infrastructure.

The fact that the TechCenter Reinach possesses passenger lifts, a cargo elevatort up to the roof, spacious and modern toilet facilities and showers is something we take for granted. Furthermore, you, as the future tenant, can yourself design everything to suit your requirements. Nothing at the TechCenter Reinach is impossible.


Everything is feasible.

Thanks to far-sighted planning and core & shell leasing, you can customize to meet all your needs and requirements all your needs at the TechCenter Reinach. From the office suite to pharmaceutical production – the ceiling height and partitioning allow you to use the space in almost any way you wish.

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