TechCenter Reinach AG

Laboratory, commercial
& office space

The ideal location
for your company

We offer comprehensive packages for diverse needs. The TechCenter Reinach was designed and built to meet the latest requirements and can be optimized for most uses.

The TechCenter Reinach is not only a laboratory, commercial and office building, but also an advantageous location for your firm in all areas – even outside your place of work.

At the TechCenter Reinach you can rent continuous areas of floor space measuring
from 300 to 4000 sqm.


The right location and the optimal premises

The TechCenter Reinach is not only a laboratory, commercial and office space building, but it adds a great advantage to your company and its activities, including the non-business criteria.

Free floor space from 300 to 4000 sqm

Designed for life science, pharma, research and development, laboratories, engineering, offices and services.


Parking available

Park your car in the on-site multi-level parking garage. Your employees, customers and visitors will appreciate the close-by parking and short walk to the office and meetings.


Ideal location

Benefit from a strategically advantageous location near the borders of Germany and France, and the city of Basel.


Ideal location.

Whether by tram, bus, car or airplane, the TechCenter can be reached quickly and easily from anywhere.

Please do not hesitate
to contact us
if you have questions or require further information.

Cyril Welti, Immosense AG: +41 61 225 45 50